Landfill Kedingshagen - Landfill Cover - 1. Cover Area

Landfill Kedingshagen - Landfill Cover - 1. Cover Area

Project description:

The landfill totaling 11.5 ha was to be covered stepwise. The first cover area of 7.3 ha is active until it is replaced by a permanent surface sealing. The sealing will be established after the Hauptsetzungen abated.

Desing of the surface cover from top to bottom:

  • Greening through sowing lawn;
  • 0.15 m recultivation layer from dredged material;
  • rampant geomat/drainage mat;
  • synthetic seal;
  • 0.50 m levelling layer from silty sand.




Project location:
Kedingshagen, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Planning, Construction Management



Hanseatic City of Stralsund, Mayor's Office
Department 30, Division Environmental Protection
Badenstraße 17
18439 Stralsund