Rostock Port, Renewal Berth 5 - Oil Port

Rostock Port, Renewal Berth 5 - Oil Port

Project description:

  • 230 m tanker berth for the transshipment of mineral oil and chemical products;
  • Demolition of the existing mooring posts landing pier;
  • New building of 8 mooring posts, 2 land-sided abutements and footbridges up to 33 m clear span;
  • Installation of 600 kN bollards, cable winch, twofold and threefold panik hook, illumination;
  • Installation of the technical equipment within the ex-zone area.

Project location:
Rostock, Meckenburg-Western Pomerania

Local Supervision, Structural Planning

2011 - 2012


Harbour-Development Association Rostock ltd.
Ost-West-Straße 32
18147 Rostock